September 13, 2012

Out of reach.

Once, we joked about how rice will one day cost us RM 100 per 10 kg bag.

Looking at the price of groceries today, I won’t be so surprised if it actually happens.

People keep telling us Public Servants how lucky we are that we got a pay rise. Of course, I feel lucky too because it does ease some burden off my shoulders. But it doesn’t end my “paycheck to paycheck” situation.

And of course, when surviving a “paycheck to paycheck” situation, dreams about anything other than surviving (i.e. property) remainsa dream.

Anyone who’s been to our Kuarters before would think we don’t love our place enough to decorate it. Or some might think I basically stink at being a homemaker, perhaps? We’ve got the basics covered – fridge, curtains, dining table, coffee table, book rack, bed and a lone sofabed my friend gave as a wedding present. But other than that…

I’ve got admit that I am partially to blame for the “minimal” condition of our apartment because I am unwilling to spend for a space which I know isn’t mine. In other words, I have an issue with permanence (or in this case, the lack of).

Which is why I am contented with what has been bought/given/passed down by others for our apartment. I’m just waiting for the right time to buy us a place of our own. Last year, I was told that this year the property bubble would burst due to the ridiculous property prices…

… only to be met with… more ridiculous prices this year.

I checked out those places where some of my friends have bought properties and … *telan air liur*.

Some cost RM 810k, some RM 650k. And they all bought it when it was less than or about RM 400k, which was last year. *telan air liur lagi*

Properties are beginning to look more and more out of reach. Lucky those who bagged their houses when they were all still affordable. And lucky those who can afford them even when they cost ridiculous amounts. It’s not that I don’t have savings, I do. But money isn’t inflation-proof, the result of which is at this point in time, my money is a little bit worthless against the cost of everything else in the market.

Is it time for me to be less picky about what I want? Should I just invest in something and (for now) forget my dreams of owning a landed property, which is freehold and nested in a good township? Because even with our pay combined, no bank in the world is going to give us a loan for the property of our dreams. Government loan jangan sebut dulu sebab kelayakan tak setara dengan harga rumah.

Macam mana ni?

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Dina Sallehudin said...

Hi Haneesa. we too are househunting now (or should i say have been househunting for almost 3 years now LOL). like you, i really dont want to settle down for an apartment. it must be a landed property. me n hubby added a requirement that it must also be a landed property with big land area so that means we have to find a corner lot/semi-d... bungalow memang mimpi aje. cos according to hubby, buying an intermediate lot makes n difference than buying a big apartment... no tanah to tanam2 pokok n buat garden (noting how developers build houses these days.. they dont really provide enough land area to even build a mini garden in front of d house.. kannn?)

Dina Sallehudin said...

oh dear, mintak permission i copied ur post here and letak kt my FB status =) hope u dun mind =) thanks babe! sungguh emo pasal prperty investment today! hehe

Haneesa said...

Dina- oh yes, property investment issue mmg sangat la menyebabkan tension! i don't know how they expect us to survive renting forever or staying in apartments. we've been scouting for some time now and places like Nilai pun the prices have skyrocketed like crazy. adoilah. i really hope the bubble will burst walaupun looking at the current scenario, macam susah je. haih. and yes, silalah paste kat FB. i think ramai je yang facing the same problem like us now ni :(