October 30, 2013

under the weather.

Last weekend was actually a really relaxing weekend for us because we decided to "outsource" all the housework kepada yang lebih pakar. All I had to do was to instruct the Akaks about what needs to be done, show them around the apartment and monitor them. And of course, pay. Man, did I feel like a taitai. And man, does it feel good to feel like a taitai even for a day.

Sadly though, I was hit by some bug or some I don't know what on Sunday night, which left me so weak I could barely sit up, let alone carry my baby. I was purging, on the verge of vomiting and my back was practically sealed to the bed. Just couldn't do anything!

Though I spent the entire Sunday in pain, I was racking my brain as to what could be the cause. Everything we ate on Sunday was homemade, my boys ate everything that I ate and they weren't the least bit affected so I was seriously baffled. Bukanlah question kenapa Allah bagi sakit, but I wanted to get to the root of it so that no one else would be similarly afflicted. Cukuplah Mama sorang sakit. Penat kot sakit.

Then Monday morning came, and I felt so much better after the meds and a good night's sleep. And then, my husband was hit by the bug or the we don't know what AFTER HE DRANK WATER FROM MY WATER TUMBLER! An hour after he took a gulp out of it, he curled into a foetal position and he vomited and purged while he was taking his bath! Boy was I glad to find out why I was feeling like crap. Though I must say that the reason is really unexpected. It was boiled water okay!

Took us about 2 days to recover and I realise that age might just be catching up with me. Or maybe, like my mom said, I'm a tad bit dented after the hospital incident a while back, that each time I get sick, it takes a while for my blood pressure to get back to normal.
After forcing myself to eat, loads of liquids, burping like nobody's business and the non-discreet farts that I mercilessly let loose to any passers-by to my work station and also my husband who shares the matrimonial bed with me (hehehe), Alhamdulillah, I think I have fully recovered and back to my old bouncy self. 

No wonder Allah afflicts a soul with hardship, because I have never felt so thankful to be so healthy.

Feels so good to be back on my own two feet again. 

So now, let's make good use of this good health and get productive.

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