October 01, 2013

The Constant Worrywart.

About half a year ago, I made a decision; one which was necessary, but one which I was totally doubtful of.

And up until this morning, I was still wondering if I should have done otherwise, and whether I was selfish to put my own convenience into the whole equation.

Long story short, today I registered Luqman into a new place and not any new place, mind you, I registered him into a Taska- a whole new world from what he is used to.

As expected, he cried really bad. And I mean really, really, really bad. And because I had anticipated this, I took leave today to just make sure he settled in well. When I finally left, he was still crying.

So you can imagine the state of my emotions for the whole day after having left my child to fend himself in unfamiliar territories like that.

Having said that, I was actually relieved that by the end of the day, I didn't get a frantic phone call "S.O.S" ing me.

Come 5.30 p.m., I was already at the Taska to pick Luqman up.

Guess who greeted me with a huge toothy smile at the door?

Yes. Luqman was all smiles when I came and he was even shaking hands with his friends as he was leaving.

I was so relieved. And so very proud that that my 18 month baby made it through his first day with flying colours.

Sometimes I think that I'm being a constant worrywart for nothing, as my son has proved so many times how adaptable he is even in the most life changing situations.

But I guess I can't help it just like most, if not all mothers can't too.

I just hope that this positivity lasts and that he will continue to be the happy boy he is.

Well anyway, I wrote this post just to say how proud I am of the strong, independent boy he is growing up to be and that he has taught me how unconditional and limitless a mother's love can be.

I am truly blessed.

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