October 24, 2013

good times like these.

Last weekend was probably one of the best weekends we’ve had as a family in quite a while. Well at least that’s the way I feel about it anyways.

Not that we did anything out of the ordinary or went to places other than those we normally do, but yeah, it was how a weekend should, in my opinion, always be.

After bathing Luqman and letting him nap for a bit, we decided to go out to Alamanda. Had to get some groceries and I was itching to bake, so I just HAD to get some butter and flour.

Of course since we were all hungry, we grabbed some lunch at Nando’s as well.

I think Luqman behaved exceptionally well last weekend; sat all the way from home to Alamanda in his car seat (notwithstanding tears and screams and all), sat quietly in his high chair while we had lunch and also actually ate his lunch with much gusto since he’s now regained his appetite after he cut his first molar.

Ever since he turned 18 months, I’ve become more comfortable feeding him store bought food that we eat as our own meals. Previously, I would bring homemade food for him like pasta and rice balls, but now that he’s older, it has become tougher to feed him. It’s not so much because he’s a picky eater, but more because he wants to eat our food and demands his independence i.e. wants to feed himself, so things like porridge, rice and pasta are really just not practical at all.

So, since Nando’s is relatively healthy, I decided it should be alright to order him some Peri Wedges, which he of course, LOVED!

Anyways, since my piece of chicken was kind of big, I cut it into 2 and left my chicken drumstick on the left side of my plate.

Guess who cheekily, albeit ever so nonchalantly took it OFF my plate like it was meant for him?

Yes, this Cheekypuff, that’s who!

I was SO shocked, but at the same time amused by this! And I’m so glad that I wasn’t too gob smacked to snap a photo. Heee. By the way, I had every intention to actually EAT the chicken drumstick okay!

But hey, that’s not the end of the Boy’s cheekiness, alright!

Imma just chillin with my Upin, Ma.
Lookie here what he was up to when we were having dessert at Starbucks?

Gosh, don’t you just think that these kids grow up just wayyyy too fast.

I can’t believe that he was once this helpless lil’ baby who didn’t know anything but cry, smile and poop just about a year plus ago!

It’s becoming harder and harder not to miss him these days, especially now when I’m worried sick about how he’s doing in school.

And today I miss him ever so much, so very obviously. 

*Oh, by the way, please do give me ideas any Mommies out there about healthy finger foods that you feed your toddlers. So far, I've made some steamed potato fries, meatballs and chicken nuggets.These are winners with Luqman but I wish I could incorporate more vege and also rice in his diet, while letting him have his independence while eating. Pretty please and thank you!*


Raieza Hanim R said...

Kak, maybe can try cucur?
Ive made cucur manis (with honey), pisang, raisins, carrot, pumpkin for Nia before & she loved it:) can add vege here there they wont notice :p

Homemade pancakes? :)

Ntah lupa dah since Nia pon dah >24months can eat normal food dah ngeeee :D

Wan Aniza said...

Salam hanisa,

I was blogwalking and stumble upon your blog. I must say this is one good blog. Very informative for a new mom like me :) I just followed yours, pls link me up too at daughterwifeymommybeliver.blogspot.com


Haneesa said...

Ieja: Oh, yesss, cucur how can i forget! dulu when i sent him to rumah pengasuh tu mmg one of his favourites. thanks for the suggestion! i'm sure that'll be my life saver nanti kalau dia payah sangat nak makan.

wan aniza: well hello there! glad to be of any help, if i can. thanks for following! :)

yayahafiza said...

i really love to know that luqman actually took ur chicken drumstick.... sgt cheeky, confident and obviously he observed what we did and how we eat drumstick (look at how he hold the chicken)... budak bijak btol si handsome ni...hahaha.... initially when u uploaded the photo on instagram, i thought that u are the one who 'donated' it to him.... and not to forget the 'cross leg posed' at starbuck.... saya rasa mcm nk gomol je budak ni kalau jmpa nnt.... hehehe

Haneesa said...

hahha aera. takde punya i nak sedekahkan ayam kat dia. dia amik sendiri je. and yes, so far i perasan he's quite an observant one, this one. kalau kitorang g starbucks, mmg each time kena ambikkan small cup mintak isi warm water so that he can also drink "coffee" like us. sabar je laaa. hehehhee