October 13, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.3

You know what? It gets really weird sometimes, the things that pregnancy does to you. And trust me, it’s not something you make up or pretend. It’s pretty genuine. And to be very honest, I was surprised too. I had no idea I would be affected. I thought I would get away unscathed. Untouched. Unaffected. Especially by food cravings.

But oh, I was affected, alright. These days, I still am.

Like how I craved for tossai this morning. Like how much more random can I get?

Luckily for me, my cravings are not the type which “I-Must-Have-Or-I-Swear-I-Will-Die” kinds. No, no, no, no, no. Probably because I tell myself that it’s just my raging hormones and that I don’t really need what I think I need. I use “mind over matter” where I can help it else I’d go crazy!

But if there is one thing I’ve been needing and wanting these past 15 weeks, it would be Nasi Lemak.

Oh, yes. Yummy, yummy Nasi Lemak.

Despite my constant bouts of vomiting (which are beginning to subside, yey, hopefully for good!), my appetite hasn’t really been hampered that much. I still eat as normally as I possibly can, in fact, I’ve been eating a lil’ bit more. And by a lil’ bit more, I mean I’ve been adding a good dose of breakfast which I have been missing since like forever. So, instead of crackers, I’ve been eating Nasi Lemak because Nasi Lemak rocks my socks! Plus, I’ve been munching almonds and fruits (which are supposedly low cal!) in between meals.

Having inherited my father’s and late grandfather’s good genes of not easily gaining weight, I thought I was going to get away with it. I thought I wouldn’t “grow”. Plus, with people telling me how wonderfully healthy I look right now, I thought, WOW, I’m all good.

As a result, I gained a whopping 2.3 kg when I weighed in during the last check up.

*feels like crying and killing myself now*

For someone who hadn’t gained weight in the longest time, that was a reality check for me. I could gain weight, apparently. And people can stop telling me it’s the baby because si comel hanya 100 gram ye kawan-kawan.

And since such weight gain is not commended (I’m only supposed to gain 0.5 kg per month, and I don’t know if that’s’ been possible for anyone), I’ve got to go for follow ups much sooner than I anticipated. I was so determined to not gain that much anymore, I ditched my Nasi Lemak for boring plain old bread with nothing on top.

Yesterday, for another check-up unrelated to antenatal, I lost some weight! Not much, just about 0.6 kg, but still! It made me really happy!

So, guess what I ate this morning?

Not surprising, NASI LEMAK, of course!

  • this Nasi Lemak craving will not last for the next 5 months; or
  • I would be able to curb my crazy Nasi Lemak craving; or
  • I would develop a healthier craving; or
  • by some struck of good luck, I would not regain the 0.6kg I lost + another 2.3kg when I weigh in next time (I WISH!)

Wish me luck with my Nasi Lemak issue! I really need to get over it and FAST!

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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