October 12, 2011


Since we both do not earn in the millions or even many thousands, we both sort of “broke our bank” to go for our honeymoon. Okay, fine, I’m exaggerating. We didn’t break our bank but we saved a whole lot just so we got to go on a holiday together. I remember that about 4 weeks leading to the trip, we stared at our Shin Chan “piggy bank” with longing every single day.

To be very honest, out of all the things which have happened in the span of the past 10 months or so, my favourite is my honeymoon. Call me cheesy or whatever, but I really enjoyed myself during the 6-day trip.

I know that it’s selfish to simply tell everybody that they MUST go on their honeymoon, but really, please go. If you must know, we never really planned on Perth at all to begin with and I was ready to settle for Sabah because my Sabahan friend kept telling me how beautiful the islands are. Of course, she could be biased but I knew that her recommendations rang truth. In fact, if it wasn’t Sabah, it would have been Pangkor or Penang.

But after comparing airfares and hotel prices, we decided we’d try Sabah some other time. This was our first trip together and if we were going to spend that much, we’d better make it super worth it and make the trip last a lil’ while longer.

I can say with conviction that it was worth it.

Because if I could repeat one thing, I would repeat my honeymoon again and again and again.

This morning, when my husband called, I told him I was looking at our honeymoon photos. He then asked me,
“Oh, tengok gambar masa tengah comel lagi?”

To which, I of course jumped to my own defence,

“Sekarang you hot.”

Hmmph. Bodek. Hee.

Nak bodek lagi jum pergi Babymoon, jum? Pretty please? Heee.

Someday, I’m so going back to Perth. InsyaAllah with the lil’ one of course ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


fiqss said...

k.hanis are u pregnant???:O haha sorry hvnt visited blogsphere for quite some time!!

Haneesa said...

oh yes i am dear :)
i've been keeping it hush hush in FB til about now :)