Domestic Goddess

I just washed my hair yesterday and right now, it doesn’t even smell of my conditioner anymore. It’s now a fusion of 4 different smells. My fingers smell of vanilla and I think butter is all over my tee.

But guess what? I love baking too much to even complain about it. I’m so happy that I managed to bake 4 cakes from 930 a.m. up until noon. What a mission I accomplished, right? And the best part is that all the cakes turned out well although something funny happened to my chocolate gold, the very last cake.

But then, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed in baking. If your cakes crumble; too much flour. If it’s too soft; too much butter. If it doesn’t rise; too much beating or either the utensils or ingredients weren’t dry enough. If it sticks; of course, you didn’t line the pan. And a cake cooks kind of slow when put in a round pan rather than a square-ish one. And if you don’t want to waste time getting double cream or separating egg yolks to make the topping of a chocolate cake, fret not. Just grab a bottle of Nutella or any other spread and lather it generously on your cake. It’ll taste just as yummy.

And these are just my humble observations in baking. I took it up since I was a little kid. During that time, my mom came home to a bunch of bright pink and green marble muffins (apparently I thought half a bottle of colouring was not enough at that time) or a really pudding-like cake, or a tub of home-made ice cream which tasted like vanilla bicarbonate, on a daily basis.

I guess I’ve always loved it, you know. I never liked cooking as much, not to say that I can’t cook. I mean, in Shah Alam, I don’t cook hearty, 3 course meals. I fry stuff because I’m the only one eating. But I do know how to cook simple dishes. I just lack practice.

But baking? It’s just about the only thing I need not be told to do (besides studying when finals is near) and still do with so much joy (studying brings no joy, by the way). And I think cooking is just about the only housework I really, really enjoy.

But still, I am a domestic goddess.
Pictures just for fun!

and something from yesterday's outing also:


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