December 31, 2014

going back to basics.


Earlier this year, I entered the year with only one resolution in mind, which is to make 2014 happy (read here). At some point, I even thought that it was a funny resolution, but a necessary funny one all the same. And honestly, because of that one rather odd resolution, 2014 was a rather good year for me. Of course on the bigger scale; globally and nationally, things didn't turn out so well, but personally, this was one of the better years for me yet. 

Having gone through such a great year, I kind of feel sad to leave it all behind. I know for sure that it was a good year not just by fluke, and it certainly did require alot of effort on my part and I guess that's what's making me even more nervous wondering if I can keep it up in 2015 and the years to come.


In our younger years, our resolutions were so much simpler (not to mention, much funnier too LOL!). Once, I even had this log book dedicated to my resolutions and I vividly remember that one of those resolutions was to make SF my best friend (HAHAHAHAHA)! SF is no longer my best friend and we haven't been in contact for so long, but that's not really the point. My point is that as we grow older, we tend to take simplicity for granted. 

We go through year after year after year trying to make resolutions bigger and better than the last and in so doing, all simplicity (and some of reality too I reckon) gets lost in translation. 

We end up with unattainable goals and shoes which are too big to fill. And we end up frustrated. 


So, I've decided that in 2015, I'm going to go back to basics.

Be happy(ier), give back more to society, read more, call family and friends more often, clean my office desk more often, exercise more frequently, probably make another baby (eh? hahahahah) etc. etc. etc...

I really don't know yet how I'm going to go about it. And I don't know yet if 2015 and the years to come are going to be as good to me as 2014 has been (it's going to be pretty hard to beat, I admit) but I guess that's part of the challenge that I'll have to face. 

That's life, so bring it on! 

1/365 coming in 12 hours time.

|And here's 2014 in a nutshell|

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