December 29, 2014

the dark days are over.

November was such an amazing month for me that I sometimes couldn't believe how lucky I got. In fact, there were times when I thought it was just too good to be true.

It actually was.

Orang tua-tua selalu kata, "Jangan gelak kuat sangat, nanti menangis."

They said it for a reason. And a good one too.

Because just 2 days after my last post in November, my life flipped and I entered into what I would call the "dark days".

I knew then that those dark days would eventually end, but I just wished I knew when.

Then suddenly, we have the entire office all to ourselves until the end of the year. Although the end of the year seems like such a long time, it's actually just about 3 days from today. Or is it 2?

Be that as it may, I find myself acting like a kid who just won a free pass from prison. And so many things which I have unintentionally abandoned during those dark days are begging me for their attention, this blog and a myriad of other seemingly tedious and insignificant (but rather important, if that's possible) stuff, like filing of my personal documents, for instance.

Now that 1/3 days is coming to an end, I sure do hope that the next 2 will be alot more productive than this. also hope that I would be able to begin next year with better spirits, and on the right foot.

For now, I'm just happy that the dark days (for me at least) are over and I'm going to enjoy it while I can.


In remembrance of our fellow Malaysians who are suffering from the floods in the East Coast and Northern regions of Malaysia, I'd like to share with you something that I read in a book (which I've already posted on Facebook) -

From Soalan 19 daripada 47 Persoalan Berkenaan Qadar dan Qadha - Bolehkah musibah disandarkan kepada taqdir Allah?

Please know that you are not alone in this as we are all being tested too. 

With hardship comes ease, in sha Allah.

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