October 18, 2014

all set.

It's Saturday.

I normally don't have the luxury of logging on to my laptop at home during the weekends (or during any time of the week, for the matter) but it's raining outside and my boys seem to be enjoying their "alone time", so I decided I'd enjoy mine too. 

As I said in my earlier post, alot of things have happened since the end of September. And although I haven't updated much on my "weight-loss" journey, I'm happy to report that I've managed to include some exercise into my lifestyle (in addition to my treadmill sessions (click here if you haven't read about it yet)), which in turn has made me feel so much better about myself.

I've got to admit though that my initial brisk walking/jogging sessions were excruciatingly painful for my limbs, wherein my legs and calves and heels burned each time my feet touched the ground, which I was supposed to expect I guess. After all, I have been out of the whole exercise scene close to 2 years now. 

But as I pushed through those sessions, my body began to acclimatise to my routines and I can now do about 5 kilometers of slow jogging in a commendable amount of time. After a while though, even after changing my routes for each session... I got a little bored...

So, this week's competition is timely.

Wait, what? A COMPETITION? After just about 2 months of "training" (I would hardly call it that!)


I've actually never joined ANY kind of run prior to this... so frankly, I'm kind of nervous!

To make things worse I've never been much of a cross country runner before, having sprinted through high school for the whole of 5 years... PLUS it's now the rainy season so I haven't had any practice AT ALL this week and the only 2 days when the sun shone brightly in the afternoon, I was held back late in the office! 

(excuses, mexcuses) 

Gah! I'm really a ball of nerves right now!

However, since the competition is TOMORROW morning (!!!) and I've already collected my Race Kit, I'm thinking, to hell with all my fears, I've got to start somewhere, so let's do this!

So, yes, wish me luck!

(Kecoh lebih, 5km je pun! Jangan gelak!)

Yeap, I'm all set.



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