October 29, 2014

public opinion

When it comes to giving opinions (professionally), I've got to say that Malaysians are total b*****s about it (excuse my French).

I dare say this because we Malaysians like to yap yap yap away on our social media of choice and while yapping, we normally play with sentiment and also emotion. This in turn blows whatever issue originally discussed totally out of proportion, which leads to what seems like disharmony in the society

When in fact, at the passive receiving end (like people like myself who just read everything on social media with a pinch of salt), we're laughing at you idiots. Because at the end of the day... no conclusion or solution derives out of all that yapping. All that was created is probably another problem? And maybe just maybe, satisfaction on your part for having letting it out somehow?

Have you watched Thomas The Tank Engine Series before? I remember Thomas being there since my brother was born because once upon a time ago, he was obsessed about it. Fast forward 25 years later, my son (who is 2) is also obsessed about it and my brother still finds the story interesting, as I've caught him lazing around with his nephew before, watching it. And yes, both of them langsung tak berkedip mata masing-masing when I passed by. 

And though I have borderline aversion with technology for children, I too allow Thomas because of the good messages and lessons they try to convey. It encourages Luqman to speak in English too, which is a bonus to me.

Why did I bring Thomas up?

Well, like I said before Thomas has been there since lightyears ago (apparently it's been there more than 25 years ago). Surely the Series wasn't that good from the very beginning. Surely Thomas Series too had hiccups along the way... but look at where they are now. They are still here and still as good as ever. 

When did that happen? Surely not overnight, right? 


I'm not obsessed with the West but sometimes, it's really no wonder why they are successful. I once asked around about Thomas and discovered that it has managed to be on TV for SO LONG because the public opinion in the UK is extremely strong. The producers air the show, the public responds with whether or not they like what they saw and they suggest what could be done better, what should be dropped and what they would like to see next. 

And then, the producers listen and improve. 

On both the giving and receiving end there are no heart feelings, no grudges.

We (Malaysia), we're half a century old. Somehow, I believe that in time we'll get there.

But in order to allow that to happen, we (the public) have to have some valid, structured and professional opinion about things AND channel them in the right direction. 

And by professional, I don't mean that we need to have some kind of expertise in a particular area before we can complain! I'm just saying that we need to convey our message PROFESSIONALLY so that whoever on the receiving end won't lose their respect or interest in our thoughts even before they've perused it. Nobody wants to get swear words and hate messages in their inbox everyday.

If you are unsatisfied with a particular service, complain to the service provider IN WRITING TO THEIR EMAIL. If still unsatisfied, go to our consumer tribunals because they are there for a reason. In fact, do that simultaneously. I know people don't go there because they don't believe in the system, and frankly, I used to be that person too. 

But... I'm a regular on Zalora and once, I was so unsatisfied with their delivery service that I went all out with my formal complaints, so much so that they changed their company policy at one point; i.e. they will only deliver your goods in 5-7 working days during festive seasons rather than promise the 1-3 days which they know they cannot fulfill.

Also, I have once commented on how I wasn't too happy with the delivery company which sent my parcel and the next time I ordered, they sent another delivery service provider. They actually care about your opinion, I am not kidding! You just have give it where it matters, that's all! And you just have to believe and persevere.
Enough with all the yapping already, it's exhausting. 

Give your opinion where it matters, in a way which shows that you want yourself to matter.

Nobody likes a whiny b***h. Especially so if you're a boy. 

And if you really need to let something out, you don't need social media, you desperately need a real friend.

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