October 20, 2014

that wasn't too bad.

It's Sunday.

I probably should stop telling you what day it is but it's kind of epic that I get to log onto my blog 2 days in row at home, so I guess I'm just a little... jakun, I guess?


 Today, I managed to complete what felt like the longest 5 kilometers I have ever ran in my life. As exhausted as I am, I am kind of proud that I managed to complete my run in 42 minutes, which I think is not too bad for a beginner like myself, ey?

Today I also managed to get one of the best afternoon naps I've had in the longest time. That was after I ate 2 breakfasts and took 2 baths.

Other than being totally wiped out after the whole Run, I really, really did have fun. In fact, I told my husband that I'm going to join another Fun Run before attempting my 10km run and that I plan on becoming a half marathoner before our second baby. Heheh. One can obviously dream, right? 


And right after I wrote that last sentence last night, I remember drifting off into a deep, deep sleep...

I guess I was totally and completely wiped out from the whole experience.

(In retrospect) it really wasn't that bad at all! Pada masa kejadian aku menyumpah lah jugak route Fun Run tu susah gila kot tak berapa nak fun!

However, safe to say that that definitely won't be my last!

(I'm at work today and doing perfectly fine, Alhamdulillah!)

Nah, gambar finisher, ewah.

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