June 28, 2014

the only way I know things are: Babah.

Growing up, I can't remember much of my Dad being around. I remember being scared of him an awful lot and we're both not sure why... but yeah, all my life, I remember being with my mom most of the time. My Dad isn't the type to mengopi/mengeteh without a solid reason (most of the time anyway), he most definitely isn't a womaniser, he loves coming back home and he never failed his responsibilities i.e. my mom's allowances and our study fees. So, why was he always away?

My mom told me that Babah worked many jobs to make ends meet. And now that I'm also working, I always wonder how he worked multiple jobs at any one time because even with just one job, I can barely keep my head above the water sometimes. 

Just last year, we all attended my Dad's PHD Graduation. It may not seem much to everybody else, but it was a big deal for me because at the time... he was working full-time and running 2 companies. 

Now that he's done with his PHD, I often ask him how he feels about having so much free time in his hands. Turns out that Dad doesn't appreciate the free time as much as I thought he would and is now running a 3rd company to make sure that he's always "using his brain" (in his words).

Occasionally, I would see my Dad taking a nap in the afternoon but this has only been happening since like... 5 years back, maybe (as far as I can remember) and I'm guessing it's only because old age is catching up on him and well... after all these years... I reckon the old man also needs some rest. 

Otherwise, he would be on his laptop searching for job opportunities or on the phone or teleconferencing; sealing deals. Or, he would be reading some article online and filling us in with general knowledge. 

And just in case you're wondering... yes, my Dad does observe his relationship with his Creator and goes to congregational prayers and reads the Quran and he also jogs to keep his health in check too.

Since my Dad is the way he is, every time I meet a father who is not like mine... I tend to think that what the other fathers are doing (or rather not doing) is... wrong(???). And though deep down, I know it's not really wrong... I always think about how hard my father works and wishes that every child in this world would be blessed with a father like mine who works that hard, even now, when he almost has it all. 

Because that's the only way I know how (real) fathers should be; like Babah.

And for that, I hope and pray that Heaven is waiting for him. 

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Al-Manar said...

I am a father of three children and grand-father of ten. I am probably 170 (not quite 180) degress off your successful dad and my two sons are very much like me. It is a question of how happy we are with ourselves; and for me how happy are the people around me. I care very much for those children not having the chance to say 'father, dad, ayah, pak, abah', etc. So I a 'pakcik' to hundreds and am still adopting!