June 25, 2014

some waffles and a pecan pie.

Since this year is a year of frugality, we have not been living it large.

And I don't know about you lot out there, but for this couple (re: us), having a 2 way conversation with each other these days has become one of life's greatest luxuries. I can't remember the last time we were actually able to talk to each other without Luqman interrupting us for like a million times in each sentence... so yeah...

So, with us keeping it low and not having any real conversations, it does get a little difficult to express our feelings to each other these days.

Having said that though... I do realise that my husband and I will never be this young again and by the time we finally have the time, we might have lost our youth and we might not want to even talk to each other then and that worries me... so... I knew that I had to do something

As I have mentioned many times in my previous posts though... egotism is my biggest problem. Maybe it wasn't much of a problem previously, but over the years, due to life lessons I have had to experience, I have become more and more wary of opening myself up to people for fear of being taken for granted. 

And I know it's silly to apply my wariness across the board... but I seem to have a huge, huge, huge problem right there. 

Couple of weeks ago though... I went to Alamanda for some grocery shopping and while I was there, I thought about the many times my husband mentioned out of the blue how he would like some waffles. I didn't think much of it when he mentioned it and I even thought he was thinking about some waffles sold near his office or something... but on that day, I thought, "Why not!". It definitely wouldn't hurt to surprise him with something he's been constantly talking about, would it?

gambar sekadar hiasan. waffles from another outing.

So, I happily ordered some plain waffles with butter and honey to-go and carefully brought my groceries and waffles home. 

When my husband arrived home that evening, I told him I had a surprise for him and proudly presented him with the RM7.50 plain waffles I had bought for him. His reaction? Priceless. I could see how genuinely happy he was with this tiny gesture of mine and how much he appreciated me remembering. He offered some to me first (bless the man for being so thoughtful!) and then shared the rest with our boy before coming back to me in the kitchen with an empty box, beaming from ear to ear. 


Couple of days ago, he sort of "returned that favour".

He told me that he needed to get a haircut and since I forgot to defrost anything for dinner (and couldn't get away during lunch hour to do so), I jumped at the first opportunity I got to suggest that we have dinner outside. Of course, since we've been married for a while now, he sensed that I was up to something and didn't hide the fact that he knew.... *sigh* So I admitted that I had no idea what we were going to have for dinner and that I was done wrecking my brain and I still couldn't figure out what dinner would be.

So, we ended up having dinner at Puffy Buffy in Cyberjaya, where he caught me eying the pecan pie... and sneakily asked the waitress to pack a slice to-go. 


As we sat there talking to each other about our day (he left his handphone at home on purpose...) while waiting for Luqman to enjoy each and every bit of his dinner... I knew that we were actually, right there and then, although not literally, "living it large." 

It wasn't anything fancy and didn't involve alot of money, but in that moment, despite our differences and all the arguments we've had, I thought, ... "This man was made for me."

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