January 21, 2012

xoxo, confused first time mom.

Of all the things to get for my son, the one that I’ve (ironically) been most confused about is clothes. Yes, clothes. I love baby clothes. They are cute. They are adorable. And comes in the loveliest colours. Whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Oh, and wait, they are a great boost to the parents’ ego too, aren’t they? i.e. MY DADDY IS MY HERO, MY MOMMY IS THE PRETTIEST. Bila lagi nak buli anak? Masa kecik je la dia nak mengaku (paksa rela) pun. Hahaha.

But both my moms (my own and in-law) have quite persistently dampened my spirits to buy clothes for my boy.

Granted, I don’t know how big the boy will be when he pops out. Plus, they all grow up really, really FAST, I know. But takkan lah anak aku tak payah pakai baju? Sejuk lah dia kan, kan?

But still, sebab malas nak dengar banyak yap yapping, my boy only has 5 sleepsuits, 7 rompers, 5 pairs of socks, 1 cap and a pair of mittens. Anak orang lain, by the time lahir dah ada one closet full of clothes! Argh. Stress!

Thing is, if I were to just get those clothes (after all, my son, right? so, up to me lah kan? ahha), I’m still not sure which I should get. I’ve been going in and out of Mothercare, only to question myself – ni kan Malaysia, kena pakai long sleeves and long pants all the time ke? Tapi at the same time my mom asks me, “Eh Girl, baby 2 bulan lebih dah boleh pakai baju lengan pendek eh?”

HOH? Tak boleh ke?

I know it’s ridiculous sebab there are so many other things to worry about, I know. Tapi , I can’t help but be confused about what to put on my child. Plus, things like berapa lama nak kena bedung dia (sebab I bought 2 swaddling blankets and now tak sure if membazir ke apa) and whether kalau dah swaddle kena selimut lagi tak? Ke panas sangat? And whether or not I should expose my baby to chemicals (baby bath, lotion, etc) as soon as dia lahir or just mandikan dengan air per se since babies don’t smell bad at all. Sebab there’s always 2 (or worst, 3 or 4) versions of things and this person buat like this and the other buat like that. Bikin aku pening, please!

Oh, and according to my mom, masa kecik, none of my siblings dipakaikan talcum powder anywhere on our bodies. It reduces chances of getting rashes, especially at places like celah-celah kaki, leher, butt and armpit. So, I’ve got to remind whoever handling my baby not to put talcum powder sesuka hati jugak. See, bikin pening lagi sebab certain people lumur anak with powder tapi tak ada apa pulak. Hmmm.

Oh, if you happen to be wondering if I have a checklist for my boy, of course I do. I live on checklists! But of course, I don’t follow it in toto because I know certain things are just totally and completely unnecessary pun. But here’s the whole list, just in case you want to get things for your baby.You can adjust accordingly, of course.

1. Breastpump – done
2. Milk storage plastic/ bottles – done
3. Cooler bag for milk – done
4. Feeding bottles – done
5. Liquid wash
6. Nipple cream
7. Bottle brush – done
8. Nursing pillow
9. Breastpad
10. Warmer –this is one of those things which I have been told to be unnecessary sangat! More than 3 mommies told me this.
11. Sterilizer- done
12. Drying rack –unnecessary
13. Bath tub –done
14. Hooded towels – done
15. Bath gel
16. Lotion
17. Baby oil
18. Baby wipes
19. Cotton roll
20. Cotton wipes
21. Baby cream
22. Baby vanity care case
23. Combs
24. Baby detergent
25. Baby powder
26. Changing mat
27. Wash cloths –done
28. Gripe water
29. Nose saline – I was told that this is important!
30. Mittens and booties – 1 pair as mentioned above
31. Diapers
32. Swaddle/receiving blankets – swaddle done tapi blanket tak beli lagi
33. Clothes – as mentioned above
34. Baby binder –dah pesan with my cousin
35. Socks –as mentioned above
36. Leggings/tights
37. Stroller –done
38. Car seat –not for now
39. Travel/diaper bag – done
40. Baby carrier
41. Baby sling/pouch
42. Nursing cape
43. Infant car seat – done
44. Bedding set
45. Cot –done
46. Mattress – done
47. Dresser
48. Playpen
49. Pillows
50. Rocker/bouncer
51. Play mat
52. Toys

For Mama -
Maternity Sanitary pads
Disposable panties
Nursing bra - Fabulous Mom is having sales until the end of January and they are super duper cheap! Sila dapatkan. You'd be surprised to see your size. I totally was. *Pengsan*

So, ngeri tak tengok list?

I know that I’ve bought most of the essentials, tapi everyone keeps telling me that it’s the small things yang akan buat panic nanti at the end of the day and those yang akan burn a hole in your pocket because you don’t have the time to make informed decisions about your purchases.


How now?

Have I missed out anything?

Am I ready to be Mama?

Truth is, I freak myself out.


Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


me said...

haha i was just like you dulu.

trust me, the number of clothes tu dah cukup i rasa coz baby dont sweat pun. satu hari pakai 2 sets je then u basuh so cukupla rotate hari2. tp u will soon realise that u need to add a few more sbb kkdg baju x sempat basuh and all. plus, my boy pernah satu hari 3 kali tukar coz he wets himself and terkena his stool and all so just be prepared.

and mittens and booties or socks belilah lebih sikit :)

i bought a blanket but proved to be unnecessary sbb dah ada swaddler cukupla. plus, u dont want the baby to be wrapped all day long. we did that at first and his temperature zoomed. so nurse ckp during the day bukak2 la bedung tu. let his skin breathe.

and my baby pakai je short sleeve and sleeveles. during the day sebab kkdg panas kan.

AND, please go buy yourself a nipple cream. I didnt get one for myself sebab ingat takpe sapu dgn susu sendiri je after breastfeed. hoho, i had a hard time with breastfeeding, my nipple cracked, bled and sore. time tu takde nipple cream. memang menangis la. it helps to sooth a little if not much. so yes, prepare yourself for BF most importantly because it was a struggle for me at first.

just my 2 cents :) all the best kakak!

Haneesa said...

thanks for the tips! i read your comments dah the other day tapi tak sempat reply. hehe

hopefully everything will be okay!

uuu nervous hahhaha

Anonymous said...


I didnt realized all the necessary things to prepare (per your longgggg check list)until i baca your list.. Mcm prepare nak pegi overseas pun ada hehehe... takutnyer nak ada baby...

funny thing is.. Y Breast pump tops the list? hahaha

PunchingBag :)

Haneesa said...

macam nak pergi overseas? overseas punya list pun lagi pendek please! baru kita tau kan, how much we have to spend on ONE child! hahahah.

why breastpump tops the list? easy!

1. dia antara benda paling mahal dalam list so put on top sebab have to put it as a priority; and

2. kalau kau cakap sunat tu sakit, mungkin kena kasi cuba bengkak susu! from what other moms have told me, mmg boleh nanges sakit dia.


harap terjawab persoalan anda. tapi jgnlah smpai fikir 2000 kali nak kawen and ada baby pulak.

bakat dah ada dah tu ;p ;p ;p ;p

Anonymous said...

pls buy urself nipple cream and breast pad byk2!! very important stuff coz ure about to nurse every 2hrs and takut kena breast engorgement during the first two weeks..good luck! :)

Haneesa said...

anon: thanks for the tips. already bought the cream tp breastpad mmg tak lagii haha