January 12, 2012

no underestimating please

I found this in my drafts section from September last year. Just thought of sharing it because I find it super amusing. I had a good laugh re reading this. Oh, and I was 11 weeks pregnant then. Time sure does fly by ;)


Sometime last week, I got a call from Mama.

She was going on and on about joining a make-over class.

“You only have to pay RM68 instead of RM300+”
“And you can book classes on weekends okay”

And because I was feeling so under the weather, I only responded with an “Mmmhmm” though I already knew where the conversation was heading to.

“Jom lah Girl”, she says.

And I told her that I don’t want any make-up classes because then I might have to buy make-up that I will end up never using because I don’t use make-up. I may have even snapped at her.

“Okay”, she goes.

*of course, I felt guilty but couldn’t help it because I was really feeling like crap that morning*

But she continued,

“Oh, by the way, I’m going to a bread making class with Busu next week. You only have to pay RMxx instead of RMyy”.

Haha. At that point, I just had to ask her, “Ma, are you on Groupon?”

“Oh, yesssss”, she gleefully responded.

I’m on Groupon too, but I’ve never purchased anything yet. I have no idea what she’s been buying because she’s been online like 24/7 these days.

To prove my point, last weekend when I was home, I was online my FB and Mama was in her room. She said she was going to bathe. About 20 minutes after, I saw a notification on my News Feed... “KMG’s Mobile Uploads... 4 minutes ago”

Haha. Just to tease her, I asked her from outside her room, “Ehh, I thought someone said she was going to bathe like 20 minutes ago? I already bathed AND prayed you know”.

“Haaa, okay la. Okay la. I go bathe now.”

Oh, God, she’s hooked!

But according to her she’s not so hooked on uploading photos on FB.

“Boring ah comments on pictures ni. Yang Groupon I loveeee”.


Moral of the story is –

1. Have a solid retirement plan. So that you can retire by 50 and when you retire, you can finally taste the fruits of your labour. And spend on anything you want and missed out on when you were younger.

2. Parents are really IT-savvy these days. You really don’t know what they’re up to when they are buried behind their phones.

So, no underestimating please!

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


miraa ♫ said...

If she's not on facebook, she loves korean movies! ngeheeeee. she's watching one now :D as long as she's happy . bhahaha.

Haneesa said...

ahahhaha. yeah, i know right. new obsession every week. funny pun ada ;p