November 17, 2014

motherhood 101: his love is unconditional, so unconditional.

... for now at least. 

A while ago, we bought Luqman the magnetic drawing board in our bid to fill in his time especially during longer journeys and mealtimes out of home. At the time (when we bought it), he was in that crazy scribbling stage where he would scribble everything (walls, cupboards, floors included, yes floors!) and I went crazy trying to scrub everything off with sponges and colgate. 

So, the magnetic drawing board was a saviour, that's for sure. 

Eventually though, he got bored of it and chucked it into his toy box. 

He's been learning alot of things in school (bless his teachers!) and one of the things that has constantly been on the curricular is the Alphabet class. Sometimes, they play with flashcards or worksheets, but there are days when they switch the Phonics Song on the TV so the kids could have some fun. 

Recently, Luqman regained interest in the drawing board... but he was no longer interested in drawing or scribbling on it. Rather... he's more obsessed in testing our drawing skills, especially on those days where he's just heard the Phonics Song.

"A is for Apple (he pronounces it as EPOL), Mama." 

And he shoves the the drawing board under my nose and makes me hold the magnetic pen and DEMANDS that I draw an Apple for him, which I do. After all, how difficult can it be to draw an apple, right? (I wasn't really joking when I said I couldn't draw). Plus, with me being slightly tech averse where he is concerned, I knew that me drawing for him is better than me switching on the Phonics Song on my phone for him to watch. 

Then, when I present the picture of the Apple to him, he shrieks with happiness, which is all good. Problem is... that's not where it stops.

Even on days when we don't have the drawing board, he LOVESSSS to make US draw on any piece of paper we can find. After "A for Apple" comes...
"B for Ball, Mama." - Hah, easy, so I draw a ball!
"C for Cat, Mama." - OK... although my husband say it looks more like a mouse!
"D for Dog, Mama." - Err.. okay for you, I tried...
"E for Elephant, Mama." (at this point, I'm already a little stumped)
"F for Fish, Mama." - Oh, this I am an expert!
"G for Giraffe, Mama." - And I TRIED...


At the time when this happened, we were having dinner outside and he was speaking very loudly and saying "Mama" after EVERY.SINGLE.SENTENCE, so there really was no way for me to pretend that I'm just a very, very untalented aunt of his or something (his Che Su is actually extremely talented by the way!) and I just felt like hiding under the table from embarrassment.


Thing is, when it was daddy's turn to draw and he wanted to show Luqman his version of a "Cat", which didn't look like a mouse, but also didn't look like mine... my boy stops daddy and says,

"BUKAN! BUKAN! BUKAN CAT NI BUKAN. Mama, C for "Cat", Mama."

And he turns to me for the drawing of a "Cat". And I beam with pride because somewhere out there, someone (although he's my son), thinks I'm Picaso or something.

I know that it's only because his love for me (at the moment at least) is unconditional because I really am the last person on earth you should look for to draw anything even if your life depended on it!

 But while it's still "now", I'm going to bask in all this glory.

His love is unbreakable, it's unmistakable.

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