July 09, 2014

society in a grevious state.

"Alot of people make it about religion and race - rarely do people comprehend that to be a good Muslim/Christian/Buddhist/Hindu etc., you have to be a good human being first."
- friend of a friend of a friend on FB.

He kind of like took the words right. out. of. my. mouth.

The postings on social media these days and the comments that ensue (particularly on FB) most of the time make me cringe. It's either a posting about sex toys and aphrodisiacs, businesses that are promoted based on racial sentiments or fruitless discussions about economic sanctions and comments by some "holier-than-thou" commentators who seem delusional and very much confident that they will never be thrown off their high horse. 

Where is the moderation that I grew up with? 

What happened to the peace-loving, non-extremism we were once taught?

Though deep down, I still believe that there are many more of us (the moderate, peace loving, tolerant ones) around than those who are not, who see beyond race and religion because we truly care for this country and this society as a whole, it doesn't stop me from being worried about the direction that this country is heading into.

Where are we heading to anyway and will we head to anywhere that is good for us to begin with?

Or are we a society destined to be doomed by our own fallacies? 

I wonder as much as I worry.

Which also makes me think that no matter how much I love this country, I can no longer fix it by staying. 

Say something, I'm giving up on you.

Because truthfully, I'm just waiting for the straw that's going to break the camel's back.

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