July 16, 2014

quality time with Luqman.

I can't remember the last time I was on leave (okay tipu, of course I remember sebab lama sangat tak cuti) so I was really looking forward to that long weekend ahead. But instead of fighting over a day off with everybody else for Monday leave, I applied for Friday (11th) instead. For the most part, it was actually upon my husband's request since he had meetings in Melaka and so, to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, it was only logical that I took leave so that we could go back straight to his parents' house after he was done. 

And since we had Luqman, we have never been out to town for our 3 J activities (ye lah balik kampung mesti lah atuk nenek nak main dengan cucu and you all know how clingy I am hehe), so I took that opportunity to spend some quality time with my boy. I knew that my husband initially had reservations about me going to town alone, taking a road I am not familiar with (I never drive myself in Melaka), but I convinced him I had Waze (SUCH A LIFESAVER!!!) and took off the moment I got his blessing (and before he changed his mind). 

 To be honest, I was kind of scared too, but I trusted myself to be extra careful and extra vigilant especially in the presence of my child and so, I followed Waze's directions exactly (kind of) and since it was really early (10 a.m. kind of early), I was spoilt for choice on where I should park my car. Finally decided to park at the open space cark park at Mahkota Parade (smart move, only had to pay RM3 when I left at 2.10 or so) and we started trolling the streets together. 

I thought I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself much with a toddler.... but boy was I wrong!

Although Luqman loves to be cuddled and carried all the time (God bless my arms, he's about 13 kilos!), he behaved really well (despite waking up at like 7) and was very appreciative of this new surroundings that we were in. I even managed to bring him shopping at H&M, where we also got some education about animals (the boys' shorts there are just too cute!) and how to properly place items back where they came from, as the place was practically empty on that day. 

After our shopping trip, I brought him to my next destination (which I had looked up beforehand) - Kiddyland, which is akin to Gymboree or JKids (I think? sorry never been to either).

When we reached Kiddyland... there was only one other "couple", a daddy and his daughter, who also left shortly after we arrived, so Luqman and I were basically like kings of the world! We, yes WE had so, so, so much fun! At one point, not only did I have to sit on the slide... I also went down the slide TOGETHER with him! And while I'm normally (naturally) paranoid about letting him get on a bouncy castle, on that day, I showed him how it was done and he was so excited to see me jumping up and down like a monkey. In retrospect, I'm not sure who had more fun that day, really... Hehehe. And all that for just RM15 (which is entry for about an hour. It's RM6 per 20 mins)

I posted a photo of us and one of my friends asked me whether I wasn't scared of the germs... and frankly? I was CRINGING! Not that it was overly dirty or filthy but just knowing that some other kids have played there and that they might have drooled or nibbled or whatever just made me like... (okay I'll stop now). Just to make myself feel better, Luqman (and I) got a good scrubbing at the washroom after. 

And since Luqman refused breakfast, I knew he was famished, so I brought him to KFC Mahkota Parade (where I got some stares, but it's okay). Managed to feed him 1/2 a piece chicken, about 1/4 bowl of rice and 1/3 glass of milo and then we (well, he at least) was pumped up and ready to troll the malls again.

One of the other things on my agenda was to get Luqman a pair of sandals. He's outgrown his in record breaking time (6 months!) and though he has a pair of shoes, he didn't have any open toe sandals for casual use and playing etc. We searched and searched and finally found Parkson, where we saw Thomas and Friends flip flops. Big mistake because he loves Thomas but there wasn't any in his size plus I wasn't keen on letting him wear flip flops anyways..

But since Luqman has a Mama with "Jimat" and "Don't Give Up" as her middle name... he finally got Thomas and Friends sandals at a bargain. Mama bought him 2; one in a bigger size (just in case) for just RM50 (for both)!!! I don't have it pictured because the boy wanted to wear it immediately (expected) and he can't sit still for even one second (expected also) so I'll post it another time, I guess. 

After that, someone was getting restless and very sleepy and I decided that it was time to head back to my husband's meeting venue. Again, Waze was my lifesaver. 

When we reached the venue... my husband wasn't done yet and I didn't want to bug him, so I switched the aircond off, pulled down the windows and decided to get some shut eye as well... just about 10 minutes into that "arrangement"... Mr. Tak Tahan Panas WOKE UP and demanded that I pick him up from the carseat to sleep with me! Sigh, poor things; my arms. But nonetheless, despite the hot weather (with intermittent showers, thank God!), we both got quite a good sleep.

When he woke up... he obviously didn't appreciate being all idle, but there wasn't much we could do since it was drizzling and my husband hadn't yet finished the meeting by then. So, what does a borderline tech averse mom do to entertain her child? She sings. She sings Thomas and Friends Theme song close to 50 times (I am NOT KIDDING) until her child gets all fed-up and annoyed at her and demands that she sings one of Frozen's songs pula. And sing, she did. 

= ________________________ ="

Not sure what the passers-by thought but it's okay as long as my kid's happy. Hehe.

FINALLY, after we heard azan Asar, my husband texted me (well, I texted him "Hello" first) and he then told me that he was almost done and that I could come pick him up where I dropped him off. If only he knew that we've been there since like 2 hours ago HAHAHAHAHA.

We then went back to my in-laws' place with our boy sitting on my lap, looking absolutely content. 

And that, ladies and gents, was just the beginning of my very, very good weekend. 

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