July 04, 2014


Yesterday, I told my mom,

"I'm so tired from thinking and still I cannot solve this problem of mine."

And for the first time in forever, my mom can't solve it either. It's actually a pretty straightforward problem, which we're trying to circumvent, but there seems no way around it, making it complicated.

At the end of the conversation, I told my mom one of my last resort options, which is to "let it go."

And surprisingly, she agreed. 

We both resolved that if after all we've been through, there seems no other way but to move forward (along with all the adverse consequences), then so be it. Who are we to question fate?

Maybe what I had was never mine to begin with?

After all, what we have, not all we own.


What we have, not all we own. 

Which is why it has been decreed that whatever we have, a portion of it, we must give (away). 

So, give.

But if you won't give, let others give. 

Because unlike you, others know that what they have, not all they own. 

Problems really shouldn't be eliminated by creating another. 

Having said that though, I do really wish I knew both sides of the story.

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