July 30, 2013

is it really that simple?

Packing Day 2.

I've been at it for 2 days now, and yes, I am still not done.

It's a lot of work and I just noticed how much... trash (for want of better word) I've been collecting all these years. Well, okay, to my defence, I did keep float files of my own for ease of reference, but some of them I haven't seen for ages! I was just afraid to chuck them out earlier because funny thing is that those matters seem to crop up the moment I get rid of them. Hmmm. Excuses Mexcuses. I vow not to do the same at my new place (for now). Hihi.

Apart from hard copies of past opinions and documents, I have also been working on cleaning up my hard drive. And with that comes ALOT of deletions. Documents, music, pictures. I didn't realise how much I used to take photos and how often I used to upload them at the office. Nampak sangat banyak kerja sekarang. Eh? Ke dulu tak banyak sangat kerja? Mungkin yang kedua agaknya. Hahaha.

When I was deleting file after file after file, I came to realise how easy it was to delete what I had built for myself for the past 5 years. While it took me so long to lovingly place each and every one of my documents into separate "homes" (read:folders) (and yes, I'm obsessed with "foldering" everything), deleting them cost me less than 5 seconds per folder. It really was that simple!

It's no wonder sometimes, how easily people eliminate and be done with some things in their life and then move on like nothing ever happened. I'm not saying that I'm so ridiculously attached to this place that I find throwing out and deleting certain things silly, it's nothing like that, no. In fact, it's the complete opposite because I'm feeling so light and free at the prospect of a new challenge coming my way.

What I'm trying to say is that when we put our mind to something, we can do and will do everything within our power to achieve our goal, no matter how daunting, silly or extreme the thought of it used to be.

All that's left is for us to do is to find the right thing to put our minds to. Then maybe, it really isn't that simple after all.


yayahafiza said...

such a great words kakak....all the best to u....

p/s: i think it is a normal thing when u started to throw something (after keeping it for quite sometime without anyone asking about it) and few moments later, someone will come to u and asked u about it.... rasa mcm nk sepuk2 je kannn.... haihhh

Haneesa said...

thanks aera!

and yesss, mmg selalu sangat berlaku. i throw something out and that's the time my bosses need the hardcopy ASAP! menggagau la cari balik softcopy nak di printkan. haiyaaa. mmg rasa nak sepuk. ironic sangat hehehe