July 21, 2013

pejam celik

... and it is now 12 days into Ramadan already! Time flies so fast these days, whether or not you're having fun, does it not?

And now that it's Ramadan, I'm sure there's really nothing to NOT love about it and with that, I've noticed that time flies even faster!

Alhamdulillah, we've been given a chance to experience Ramadan again. And like previous years, I've tried my best to make Ramadan markedly different (in a good way of course) from the last. Although this year's "change" cannot beat last Ramadan's, I believe that the "change" does not necessarily have to be major for it to be significant. And with that I do feel like I have, in some way, in sha Allah driven my family into a direction which I very much hope will be blessed.

This is a good time, this month of Ramadan, it really is. It's so good I almost tear at the thought of it leaving us soon.

Now that 12 days have passed, I really hope to be able to make good of the remaining 18.

I'm sure you'll do the same too.

In sha Allah.

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