July 24, 2013

some things are just meant to be made.

Two missed calls.

That's what I came back to when I got back to my boss' room after doing some research at my workstation.

I thought it was my husband but hey, hey, it wasn't.

It was Fai, one of the oldest friends I've had. And probably one of the best ones I've had too.

As he was just leaving my office compound, I told him to turn the car around; and that I'd meet him at the lobby.

When he arrived, I asked him whether or not he had met Dinie, also one of our good friends. He told me that he was about to surprise Dinie at her office when I returned his call.

Turns out that he was the one who was the most surprised because he didn't know that Dinie now works at the same building as I am.

The hour after that ensued where we convened in Dinie's room was probably one of the best catch-up sessions that we've had in the longest time.

Some days are just meant to be made and some friendships are meant to stand the test of time, distance and lack of communication.

This is probably one of those days and hopefully, this is one of those special one-of-a-kind friendships.

Sometimes, it's not the quantity that matters, but rather, the quality. And it all happened because we all cared enough to just care.


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