June 28, 2013

please keep in touch.

Some time around March-April this year, I went through a really dark stretch in my life. And since most of my problems centred around the subject matter of work (what else!), talking it out with people in the organisation didn't seem to help.

After a while, talking about it at all caused me heartache and that's when I decided to Press 9.

And so, I reached out to Ayu, hoping she'd share a bit of her wisdom with me.

Which she gladfully did.

After that, the ball started rolling.

It began with an email attaching a picture from 2009 during Ryan's birthday celebration (in which we all looked so young and fresh and alive), and a few Whatsapp messages later, we convened at Da's house for "lunch".

Well, "lunch" being inverted obviously because it was really late when we finally got to eat.

Ehem to the latecomers. He he he.


So, what's changed?

Nothing. Like, really. N O T H I N G.

Well, unless you start to count the wrinkles and the small patch of maturity that's grown on us... (and of course the little boy in the picture he he he)

Otherwise, we're still the goofy bunch of people who like to poke fun at each other, who still haven't learnt to cook just enough for 8, but decidedly thought that we're all hungry enough to eat a feast for 20... (but still, nothing can beat the amount of leftovers during our PD getaway years ago!).

Clearly, all my fears all this while has been baseless, so to speak...

Basically, I'm happy to report that we picked up from where we left off and slid right back into the friendship like the years apart didn't ever happen.

As you would have guessed, I was over the moon because of the gathering and I'm glad that I can still call them my friends. Probably the only few real ones that I still have.

I shall forever treasure these people - the first few friends I made upon entering Service.

Optimistic as I may be, and of course hopeful that we'd meet more often, my only hope right now is for us to be able to meet at least once a year after this.

Keep in touch, please do keep in touch.

Much ♥

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