April 04, 2013


I purposely waited until April to update my blog.

March was way too depressing for me and I dare say that that was one of the lowest of the lowest points in my life.

But now that March has passed, I’m happy to announce that April began with a bang! A great big bang as it began with my baby’s first ever birthday.

I’m so thankful that I managed to spend more hours with him than normal on that day, and that he was in such a good mood to begin with. He was all smiles the moment he woke up and as I watched him sleep, I caught him smiling in his dreams too. I guess he could sense how different and special that day was seeing that I came to pick him up way earlier than normal and that he was made to wear the new clothes his pengasuh got for him for his birthday. Of course, we got him a mini Big Bird to commemorate the day (though I still wish Elmo was not sold out!), which he of course loves!

Well anyway, as I’ve poured my heart out on FB and Instagram, I don’t plan on doing the same here on my blog.

So, I’ll leave you with never seen before photos (on this blog) from a year back. Enjoy!

the start of my sleepless nights ;)
surah Maryam
my firstborn
in the nook of my arms :)
all I know is sleep
and that I want milk. more milk!
at 6 weeks I was all smiles.
when previously I didn't know what on earth was going on.
but still sempat buat muka manis minta susu ;)
aaah, that's more like me hihi
this is when Mama started to lose more weight. ha ha ha
Okay, dah. Tak larat. There's probably thousands of his photos which have never been published. I'll save that for another throwback.
Happy birthday my baby darling :)


yayahafiza said...

owh kakak... luqman is so adorable... Maybe u can share a photo of Kakak Tenna trying to make friend with Luqman.... Both of them are so cute....

Happy birthday Luqman....

Haneesa said...

hhehe. thanks aera. i think i will. nnt i'll printscreen that page. comel sangat picture tu. if you want to see luqman any time you just let me know ok! :)