April 16, 2013

some balloons and a yummy cake.

The photo in the post below is from Luqman's 1st birthday celebration, which no one in particular was invited to.


Yes, after thinking things through long and hard, I finally decided not to hold a full-blown celebration for him. Not just yet. Not this year.

Of course, it was a tough decision to make. Every other kid these days gets a full-blown celebration and I wasn't even considering one? Of course, my ego was scratched and deflated and I felt like a failed parent. What if he one day questioned my decision?

Well, since it's my decision to make, I shall be the one to answer.

(though I very much doubt he'll be questioning me)

So, anyways, for keepsake purposes, we held a small do just to mark his first birthday. It was also to mark his daddy's homecoming.

We had pasta, pizza, soup and (ohsoyummy)cake.

Of course, the birthday boy got some pizza crust and a few chocolate crumbs, just so he gets to taste what his own party's food tastes like.

But anway, all he enjoyed was nursing from his Sippy(Mama's)Cup really, so it mattered very little to him what was served. He did enjoy opening his presents, though and of course loved ALL of them. And I think  he napped TWICE during the celebration.

At the end of the day, my brother said, "The birthday boy is the person who least understands what's going on today!"

He kind of took the words right out of my mouth.

So, I'm really glad we had it small and intimate. And that everybody had some fun.

Probably next year, you can expect an invite in your post. Probably ;)

he just couldn't keep his hands off Mr. Bozo | From Wondermilk.

and here he is being a complete angel for keeping his party hat on! | He hates anything on his head, so this is a big deal for me ;)

Mama hopes you had fun baby boy!

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