April 15, 2013

the end.

The long awaited end of 6 months finally came on 12.04.2013.

I embraced it with euphoria, nothing less.

That night, I slept sandwiched between my boys, who both hugged me lovingly, and equally tight.

Now that we're three, we are finally ONE.

Thank you Allah for protecting us, for reuniting us, for keeping the love alive.

And I am once again, complete.


Raieza Hanim R said...

jealoussnyaaaaaaa ):
when will my turn come? waaaaaa

heeehee takde ah, so happy for you three! Luqman needs his Daddy around now more often for sure :)

Haneesa said...

sabar ye ieja...

I'm sure your turn will come some day and I'm sure Allah has better plans for you, amin.

stay strong wonder Mama! :)