April 18, 2013

it was written in the stars.

For a few months now, I've been telling my mom that I wanted to treat myself to something. I've been working for 5 years now and the only expensive thing I've bought so far is a normal leather bag, which has served me well and is in fact, still serving me fine.

While others have treated themselves with lovely designer bags, I decidedly felt that a designer bag wouldn't make me happy enough.

I wanted to treat myself to a charm bracelet from Pandora, but kept hesitating, for the same reason I decided not to treat myself to a designer handbag.

In the end, I knew that only one thing could make me happy enough.

Told my husband about it and he, being the enthusiast, didn't hesitate to accompany me to my "try-outs". At the end of it all, we decided against any purchase because the price of all of those that I liked were just too steep. I either had to settle with something less or wait until things looked up for me.

I decided on the latter.

As fate had it, yesterday was the day.

My husband called me up excitedly, telling me of the good news. The moment I was able to leave office, we went to the shop, hand in hand, just hoping that The One was still there. As I had so fervently hoped, there it was, in the glass showcase, just like when I first saw it.

There was no more room for hesitation. I knew that I had to have it then. Best thing of all is that it seemed to (perfectly) go with everything I had on for work yesterday (read: yellow|cream|brown). If I had let it go yesterday, I don't think I would have forgiven myself.

Now that it's draped around my wrist, I feel a sense of accomplishment for having worked so hard for the past 5 years.

This is the best present one could ever treat herself with and I'm glad I did.

Alhamdulillah :)

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