March 06, 2012

Full term.

I spent half of yesterday trying my very best not to “kiss” my work station (re: fall sleep). To say that my efforts were futile would be too harsh; they weren’t exactly negligible. But then, at some point, I think I just gave in. If not, there must be some other logical explanation why I felt a lot fresher after I “blacked out” at some point. I may not have noticed that I napped, but I’m pretty positive at the moment that I did. So, yeah.

Sleeping has never really been my issue before; pregnant or not pregnant. I can pretty much sleep whenever and wherever. But of late, it has become increasingly difficult because it’s been so warm at night (and it’s just me, I know!!) All I want to do is strip everything off apart from my socks and burn all those comforters, which (ironically) don’t comfort me that much anymore.

But, that would lead to a runny nose (and possibly fever) and everyone knows that it’s best to avoid being sick, especially nearing your EDD. So, I try my best to sleep with everything on, while I toss and turn to find the “perfect position” and by the time it’s the morning after, I am EXHAUSTED beyond repair! Which leads to unwarranted, but simply beyond my control “blackouts”.

Hmm. The wonders of being a mommy-to-be.

Now, don’t I sound all hyped and excited?

I’m getting a lil’ bit agitated about I-don’t-know-what these days. Maybe it’s the jitters, maybe I’m just tired or maybe I can’t quite make up my mind on whether I want to see my boy more or whether I’m going to miss being pregnant. Either way, I’m going a lil’ bit out of my mind as I’m officially in the last leg of my pregnancy.

at 36 weeks

It’s 4, possibly 5 weeks to go ‘til the end of this pregnancy. If I gave birth this week, my baby would be considered premature, though already full term. If he decides he’d like to come next week, he’s normal. Most babies, I read, come out during the 37th or 42nd week. So, yeah. Figures why I’m so scared, I guess? It could be that near or that far. And I don’t know what to expect or what to feel.

Funny, considering how much I’ve prepped myself for this. Well, physically, at least. Most of the things on the list are bought or being given as a present, like the lovely SnugGo Baby Carrier my friends got me. The only 2 important things that we are without right now are the baby’s dresser and also a new fridge/deep freezer and perhaps more moolah hahahaha. Oh and that reminds me that I haven't really bought him any toys yet.

But it’s the fact that nothing can be predetermined or planned or anticipated that drives me crazy and I hate it.

Other than that, we’re more or less set and ready to go.

Or are we really?

At this point, I really can't tell.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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