March 20, 2012

Eh eh?

“Still here?!!!”

That question was dubbed “The Most Favourite Question of the Day” yesterday. Yes, I’m still here, both on my blog and at the office. Anyways since that was such a favourite question, yesterday I felt it most appropriate to prepare my Senarai Tugas as at 19 March 2012, just in case. Emailed the list to everyone I’ve been assigned to work with or to take over my work in my absence, just to remind them ANYTIME NOW, bebeh. ANYTIME Haha. Or was that more of a reminder to myself? Errrmm...

And on the list, there’s this ONE thing that I really, really, really don’t feel like doing AT ALL. Tak baik, I know, but really. I’ve been hit by the M Bug; the Malas Bug. At least where that one thing is concerned anyways.

Other than that lone M Bug, I’m still pretty much... me.

Still waking up for work, still preparing breakfast, still getting things done at work (apart from that one thing, of course), going home, preparing dinner, goofing around, still sleeping late sometimes (or all the time, actually), still speaking my mind, still blog hopping and I’m pretty much doing things just as I would as per normal.

But in reality, this waiting game is crazy actually. Really crazy.

People keep joking that it would be okay if I go into labour in the office because there’s so many Abang Gagah who can come to my rescue. Thing is... I don’t even know what labour feels like. I mean of course I’ve heard about contractions, even read up enough on internet forums to give me a “WebMD”, but what they really are is still pretty much of a blur to me.

And instead of being scared, I find that to be hilariously funny because it’s just so ironic? Hahaha. Don’t ask me why, please. I try my best to capitalize on everything these days to increase my own amusement in life. Hard to keep the agitation and annoyance out of a pregnant lady counting days, honestly.

Today, the question above maintains its reputation as “favourite question of the day”. Sometimes (and simply because I can’t help it), I get so annoyed that I want to apply for early leave pronto. But I know people can’t help it. I mean, if I were looking at a serial “waddler” happily waddling her huge butt to work, I’d probably be thinking to myself that “she should be on leave now” too. So, yeah.

But I’m determined I’m okay. In fact, I don’t think I’ve felt this happy and energetic before. Beats me, but while it lasts, I’ll be embracing it with open arms.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Farah said...

haha my friend's lady part stays open at 3 cm for a week!! gila la, she got 2 weeks MC but she came to office sbb bosan at home alone :)

Hope Allah permudahkan ur journey :) do let us know k?

In the meantime, go gobble all the yummy foods!!!


Haneesa said...

OMAIGOD! That's not the first time i've heard it tau! Hahah, i've been so curious i've asked around too and apparently, that's quite common! I think i'd be bored to death jugak, if duduk diaaammm je tak buat apa. haih.

hopefully everything s gonna be alright.

will be giving the "live updates" on Twitter when the time comes. so worry not :)

and i m SO going to makan that flourless choc cake soon. sementara ni, choc lava secret recipe pun jadilaaaa.

uuuu nyum! ;)