April 11, 2016


39 weeks and I'm pretty much still pregnant... hence the hashtag, obviously!


And just like with my previous pregnancy, many curious onlookers have asked me when I'm planning to take some time off and my answer is... when I give birth of course!

Thing is, my husband, though on standby mode, isn't around... so days alone at home get pretty long (much longer than I'd like them to be) plus with neighbours who work, it will be very dangerous if anything happens at home during the day because there'll be no one to help because no one will actually be around. So, I've decided to keep on working until the time comes... whenever that is, of course. 

Plus of course... there's still work on my table! Not sure why because I finished everything off in March and then April came and everything is suddenly unfinished again. So, to avoid feeling guilty during my pre-approved 3 months leave (BIG HOORAY THERE!) towards my colleagues who have been crazy wonderful, I'm trying to finish off the remaining bits of my paper so that if I go into labour before the weekend comes, they'll at least have a first draft to work on. 

We're actually physically ready for  Adik Baby's arrival. Cot's been assembled, clothes are washed, home's been thoroughly cleaned and my husband and I have gone through our "nesting" process; some kind of pre-birth "ritual" we go through at Ikea each time baby's EDD is near... but the baby's still.not.out.yet.

And truth is, I don't really mind that much because like I said before, I'd like for Adik Baby to bake in the oven for as long as she needs to be fully developed and healthy... although I've got to say that the questions burning in my head i.e. how will labour be for me this time round... will there be a bloody show like the last time or will my water break... where will my water break... what on earth does water breaking feel like anyway???... will my husband make it back on time for Adik Baby's grand entrance... would Luqman be okay... and most importantly how I'm going to cope as a mom of 2... are really just killing me a little inside.

But, having said that... my mom has been advising me to keep in mind that the baby can hear me and that if I keep up being scared etc., she might think I don't want her to come out, which isn't the case at all, obviously! So, I'm trying my best to keep on being positive about the outcome of things, hoping that things will turn out okay in the end. 

Meanwhile, please pray for this #stillpregnant mom, okay! 

39 weeks, 2 days and (for now) counting.

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