April 05, 2016

you will always be my baby.

As he falls "out of love" with me... or rather more in love with everything else in his life... I find myself falling more and more in love with him and his antics. 

My "baby" is now officially no longer an infant, nor a toddler. He is a preschooler -- and one who does me proud with how well he's growing up. 

As I spent time with him on his 4th birthday (2nd April 2016) and received numerous throwback posts and photos from FB, I became more and more convinced that all the time, energy, sweat and tears we have spent on him is totally worth it (I know I've said it before but yeah I just can't seem to say it enough, I guess...).

I'm not really sure how we got from those rough patches in our relationship to here... but I can no longer imagine a life without him. And I'm not sure now who's the one who needs the other more... though I'm not ashamed to admit I might be the one who's more needy. 

You may have outgrown my lap, my boy, but you will never outgrow my heart. 

And in my heart, you will always be my (first) baby. Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of unconditional love... and for always making me work towards becoming a better version of myself. 

We love you so much baby, you know we always do. 

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