January 08, 2016

the 10-day extension.

I was counting down the days to The Day -- and it finally came. 

The countdown finally reached the Zero Day mark. *gasp*. But like all other things in 2015, The Day didn't at all go as I thought it would. *double gasp*

Instead, The Day was somehow or rather postponed for about 10 more days where we were given the opportunity to spend ample time with each other -- albeit all of us being "stuck" in a hospital room with 2 of the loves of my life being warded in the hospital for dengue fever for 8 out of those 10 days. 

I wouldn't say that the situation was ideal, but I would say that those 10 days changed us -- and gave us what we needed instead of what we wanted

Sure, we wanted the 10-day extension, but we didn't think we needed those 10 days that bad.

In those 10 days, we went through a roller-coaster of thoughts and emotions. If my life were lived in an emoticon world, I think it would have used up all of the available emoticons and so much more.

There was once when my husband's platelet count went down to 52 and the very next day, my son's dropped down to 97. The doctor ordered 3 blood draws per day for my husband to monitor his condition, the pediatrician ordered suppositories to be administered to my son every 4 hours because his fever wouldn't crash (39 degrees Celsius, no less) and I was told that at this point, both of them were susceptible to hemorrhaging due to their low platelet count. 

And all I could do then was cry. And pray. And cry some more. 

These are the loves of my life we are talking about -- these are the people I have given 5 years (and more) of my life loving to the moon and back -- these are the people I never knew I could love this much -- in fact, so much more than I even loved myself. 

In those 10 days, we all learned a valuable lesson about love and life -- that it is as temporary -- that it is fragile -- that it could be taken away from you without warning -- that health is indeed the greatest wealth we can have -- that crying is okay (because it helps) -- and most importantly, that in times of calamity such as this, what we really need is a handhold that never breaks -- that Allah is indeed the best of planners, no matter how clueless we are of what His plans really are.

Alhamdulillah, the worst is over (and they survived!!!) and we are all recovering physically and mentally from the ordeal. 

And I am grateful to once again be given the opportunity to spend the first day of 2016 (our 5th year Anniversary!!!) with my 2 cheeky monkeys (well, let's make that 3, because it has to include the little baby girl growing inside my tummy), in what must be one of the most appreciated low-key celebrations. 

Thank you Allah for my wonderful family. 


Hampshire Mummy said...

Salam Haneesa.

Looking forward to your baby girl. Congrats!

Take good care, and much love from my family to yours.

Happy belated new year. Xoxo

Haneesa said...

Wslam Hampshire Mummy,

Happy New Year and much love from our little family to yours too.

And thanks, I can't wait to see my little baby girl too! I hope and pray that she'll thrive as wonderfully as my son :)

Take good care of yourself and your little family too :)

me said...

Alhamdulillah :)

*high five*

Mine's a girl, too :)

Haneesa said...

Haha, Tasha! Congrats to you too! Almost everyone I know is expecting a girl. Musim agaknya! ;)

Azira Moktar said...

Hi Haneesa,

Congratulation! Can't wait to see the baby girl

Haneesa said...

Hello there, thank you! I can't wait to see her too :)