January 15, 2016

the struggle is real.

Today is my "Saturday" although it's only Friday on the calendar. 

Last night we waited with baited breathes for the long-anticipated arrival of Daddy (it's been 2 weeks since we parted!!!). And when he finally arrived, we both just didn't want to sleep because sleeping seemed like such a waste of valuable time. But we had to sleep because we have work and school respectively to attend today although it's already the weekends for Daddy.
This is probably my first time experiencing a mismatch insofar as weekends go and I've got to tell you -- the struggle is real. 

So, hats off to those who have been doing this for yonks and years. 

I know that these hours will eventually turn into days, then weeks, then months and then years and eventually, it will all be over (will it?) but for now, everything seems so... indefinite.   

I'm at that stage where I'm not really sure what I should do. 

For me, life has always ironed itself out in the way it should be without too much interference on my part, especially when it comes to things which are beyond my control. I have always, always believed that good things come to those who wait (and pray - hard) -- In fact, this current unexpected long-distance relationship is something I accept with arms and heart wide open (notwithstanding the bucketful of tears, of course) because there was a point in our lives when I asked for the best for us -- just because I didn't know any better myself. 

So, I consider this the answer to my prayers -- although the situation might seem a little less than ideal.

Some might argue that better things come to those who hustle, which I actually agree -- but only to a certain extent. 

Because for me, when one hustles, they have to know what they are hustling for, which in my case -- I just don't know... at least not yet. 

All I know is that at the moment, I'm really feeling that the struggle is real. Because although tomorrow is only Saturday, in actual fact, it's already "Sunday" for us all.

May Allah ease our affairs and show me what I should do. 

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