hello, Bundle!

Today my little baby is 4 months old! He’s no longer a newborn, but an infant! An infant already? Oh, time literally just flew by us!

I hate to admit that I sometimes wished he would grow quicker because I can’t wait to put him in a Bumbo seat and for me to start experimenting on solids, but I know that sooner than later, I am going to regret wishing it because I sure am going to miss him being all little and halus like this. I already miss his fresh-from-the-womb smell and wish I had a way to preserve it somehow.  

His personalities are beginning to peak bit by bit by bit. And the boy sure does know how to scream, alright!

But most times, he’s a complete angel, if I must say so myself. Especially now that it’s Ramadan, he’s being a total gem by sleeping early together with us and letting us eat our sahur in peace.  Well as for iftar, can’t blame him for wanting attention as we did leave him for almost 10 hours while at work so he’s bound to want all the spotlight to himself!

I hope he knows how much my heart swells with love for him and how I wish I could give him more than just my love.

Til then! Let’s hope he learns how to lift his head off the floor soon during his “rollover session” because he gets agitated (even in his sleep) when his attempts are unsuccessful!

How can something so tiny be such a huge bundle of  joy? *sigh*

♥ ♥ ♥

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Tahirah A. said…
time does fly :) i felt like it was just yesterday i gave birth to my son and he's almost a month old now.. :)
me said…

Haneesa said…
tahirah: oh yes, do enjoy him being a newborn and all that. mmg irreplaceable moments. and now at one month, dia tgh baik lagi so rehattt banyak2 ok. nnt dah besar sikit... ermmm ;)

tasha: kannn gerak sangat
Anonymous said…
4 months? I want to meet him already! Perhaps after ramadhan babe. Meanwhile, kiss the little one for me and take care.

Haneesa said…
myra: oh yes! 4 months! time does fly kan? you're always welcome to see him! Putrajaya ke, TTDI ke. Nanti kita meet up okay :).

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