February 14, 2018

ticking boxes off my grateful list.


I turned 33 on 12/28 and I'm feeling absolutely amazing!

It all began with an amazing reunion weekend with the the TKC9802 girls and the spill over of good vibes made its way all the way to Monday, which was my birthday.

My husband, being the awesome person that he is, did not think that going to IKEA was a good idea. After all, he did take leave specifically to celebrate my birthday and we could go to IKEA like... any.time. So he suggested that we head to GPO instead -- without the kids. And though I didn't want anything particular, I thought that it would be a good getaway for us.

And boy, did we have fun! We had good coffee to start the day, I got to wear white (refer last post), we tried out a new place for lunch and though I didn't get myself anything fancy (much to my husband's dismay), I got exactly the kind of day that I wanted... where I get to relax and not think about anything at all. And most importantly, we headed home feeling happy that we spent the day being happy.

And just when I thought the celebrations have ended, my colleagues surprised me with a birthday lunch complete with K-Fry (like OMG!!!), balloons and the whole works. I was very pleasantly surprised because although we have good working relationship with each other, we seldom get to lounge around over lunch together, socialising and talking about other than work due to our crazy schedules. So today's surprise was just out of this world for me and I really felt the love.

The first 45 days of 2018 has so far been extremely kind to me and I've been able to tick off so much from my Grateful List. And despite knowing that life comes with its own inevitable occasional sadness, I hope that 2018 would continue to be as awesome as it has been to me so far.



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