March 14, 2018

March(ing) On.

Fabulous February done and dusted and it was indeed 28 of the happiest (albeit busiest!) days I've had so far. 

I say busiest because apart from the happy days, I literally worked and worked and worked for all 20 working days, never leaving the office any earlier than 6.00 p.m. and even continued working on some weekends. I can't even explain how exhausting it got on some days but... it was all worth it in the end because The Team managed to submit the matter we were working on just as February was closing its doors!

The satisfaction I felt was just phenomenal... I can't even begin to explain how that feels!

With that, I decided that no matter how difficult these coming months will be, I shall continue marching on, pun intended (HAHA)


And that Ladies and Gents is the post I started writing on 1.3.2018 which I have yet to complete until today. 14 days into March and I really have been marching on, sticking true to my word.

But if I could be a little honest here, I'm starting to feel the heat of all my fervent.

Though marching on has indeed been a good game plan going forward, I do also think that I deserve a little pause; some sort of break if you like... just so I'm able to regain my strength and renew my spirits.

And though I have yet to figure out just what I'm going to do to avoid getting jaded (like I did before)... I know for a fact that sooner or later, I must do something about this situation I am in because like it or not, I need to continue marching on, like I said I would --

-- only this time, I've learned my lesson to not be too hard on myself.

I know I can do this, so next half of March, bring it on!


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