Despite how down-ish I felt after I came back from our Perth trip, I survived January! *throws confetti*

Now that February (my favourite month!) is here and I'm only 10 days shy from turning 33, naturally, my better half has started asking me what I'd like as a present this year. He tells me that I look like a girl who's got everything (that she needs). So, he can't think about surprising me with something that I might even remotely like.

Can't blame him for feeling that way because I really do have everything (that I need). So... yeah. Let's just say that on that day, I'd like to have some good breakfast... followed by a whole day out, I'd like to wear white without worry (random, I know), and I'd be happy to spend the day in Ikea scouting for ideas because my last search on Pinterest was "ideas for 7-year old bedroom".... so yes, that says alot about my current state of mind, don't you think? Haha.


Speaking of dates, I have always had this thing about dates (both the verb and noun). I've always looked forward to particular dates because they matter(ed) a lot to me. Thing is, unlike the typical person who commands the "law of attraction", I seem to have the absolute opposite effect on such law... and I always find myself frustrated with the outcome of the date (sometimes verb, sometimes noun). And most times, it's not due to anyone's doing but my own and I have absolutely no idea why the day turns out so differently than how I envisioned it to be.

Is it because I envisioned it to be absolutely perfect (which is impossible on any given day); or
Could it be that I'm the one who can't handle the day when it doesn't turn out the way I thought it should have?

So... I've taken a little precautionary action on my part about planning dates.

Because I can't control when I would feel happy or sad or excited or meh... and that means that when I expect myself to be all upbeat and excited and happy on any given date AND I DON'T, I think I put myself under unnecessary stress to put in extra effort into everything even when I don't feel like it.

So, here's to today -- 33/365, 10 days to the day I turn 33.

Though I do hope that I'd feel super duper happy on the day that I'd turn a year older because 12/2 matters (to me), but for now, I think I'd be happy knowing that I'll be okay if the day turns out differently.


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