March 28, 2016

over the weekend

When we first started planning, there were 2 main questions; (1) are the kids invited; and (2) would I be too heavy to make it?

And as it turns out, the answer for both -- is YES! 

While the first made me jump with joy (not literally of course hehe!), the second "yes" made me a little worried. I am, after all 37 weeks pregnant. Be that as it may, I made it! Because missing her wedding (though not really by choice!!!) is making me feel bad enough already, so I was determined to try not miss her Hen Party -- unless I popped sooner.

But, oh, how tame we have gotten with our parties! Not that we were ever that wild to begin with (probably the wildest being Sunway Lagoon? Eheheh) but still... our Hen Parties have now been "reduced" to 3-hour tea parties with plenty of good food and selfies (and trying our best to retain our sanity while we tried to keep our children well-behaved -- probably to no avail, haih!). And while things have changed completely wherein we no longer jump from one activity to another because we're really not sure where we should park the kids meanwhile... the great company hasn't at all changed. 

 It's not like we haven't changed -- we have; it's just that we all somehow did it together (despite being physically apart) and embraced whatever it is that we have become and are becoming and we were all set to have a good time, in whatever little time we had. 

In my opinion, that spells quality over quantity all over, which is mighty fine with me!

So, here's to wishing Faizah a life time of happiness... and patience hehehe. Because the road ahead will be wonderful and eventful ;)

Here's The One for the album courtesy of Nadira!

been such a long while since we had a full quorum, so this was momentous :')

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