January 10, 2014

Friday morning, rain is falling.

Well, it did sort of stop at about 7 a.m., but still, getting out of bed was so, so difficult. 

I wonder if you know this feeling I'm currently feeling; the one where you feel like you have so much to say/write/express, and yet, there's nothing much you can say because you just can't put them into words.

It's only 10/365 and I'm already overwhelmed. With work, with guilt, with gratitude, with happiness and a tad bit of confusion. 

I'm not going to jump the gun and say that this year is going to be tough or mundane or anything of the sort, like I did last year. Because to be very honest, I don't know what this year is going to be like. I don't think anyone really knows.

There's so much to look forward to and yet the very same things are the ones giving me jitters and butterflies in the stomach. If that makes any sense at all, that is.

All I know is that my only resolution this year, is to be responsible for my own happiness, however that happiness is defined. And that seems to have put the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Oh, the irony.

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