February 04, 2015

sugar at the bottom.


(written on 32/365)

As I was sipping on my store-bought instant coffee this morning, which I mixed at the convenience store to-go, I wondered why it wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be. After all, I did read the ingredients TWICE just to be sure that sugar was part of the package. 

My January was pretty much the same as my coffee this morning. After making sure that I had all the bases covered (or so I thought), I ended up having to constantly take deep, deep breathes to pace myself. Very deep ones. 

My stress levels were so stretched, they almost left permanent marks on my otherwise bubbly disposition. 

But then today, as I was coming to the last few sips of my coffee, I could finally taste the sweetness of the sugar. Talk about saving the best for last, huh?

And in the same way, that's exactly how my life went by in January (and actually pretty much every other month of the year, actually. Only more so this January, kind of); bitter--sweet - in that order. 

While I thought that my life had pretty much hit rock bottom just the other day, life itself promised that, contrary to popular believe, misery is not bottomless

It isn't. 

January closed with a HUGE bang (and a really good one at that); one good thing after another came (some of them when I least expected) -- one of them being the long weekend, which was one of most well-spent ones we've had in some time now. And with February starting with such brightness, it's difficult not to be thankful for how life has turned. 

Indeed, with hardship comes ease. 

Because even my bitter coffee had sugar at the bottom - as promised. 

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