January 21, 2015

what's done is done.


I received an instruction from my Boss to attend a meeting on 21.1.2015 and for the life of me, I thought that 21/365 is tomorrow. It was when I passed the file on to the other officer involved, that I was told that today is the day. I wonder where Monday and Tuesday went to?

This week however, despite the absent-mindedness which seems to have hit me real hard on the head, has been a slightly better week than the last. 

Remember I said in the last post that last week was just a really long week?

Guess what? 

I had an emotional breakdown (which by the way, was the only "break" I really got). Ironically, the breakdown was caused by something which under normal circumstances would have been an otherwise joyous occasion! It was both funny and mysterious seeing myself sobbing uncontrollably. But my husband scooped me in his arms that night and let me sob myself to sleep. He told me (without saying a word) that it was okay to feel that way. 

The morning after the breakdown, I sat myself down with my sister and talked about the whole thing (but she's not the cause of my breakdown, okay!). Occasionally, bile rose in my throat from the hurt I still somehow felt inside. Seems like what I felt was totally normal and my reaction towards that occasion is somewhat warranted.


Now that that fact is established, it's time to move on. 

Maybe this is the wake-up call that I needed. 

What's done is done.

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