having something to look forward to

Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break that habit. Start talking about our joy.
 - Rita Schiano.

Feels like it's been a while since I had something other than the usual "all in a days work" to look forward to. So agreeing to attend a dinner on Friday night was something truly out of the ordinary for me. 

It was an event I both looked forward to and didn't at the same time. Mostly I looked forward to it because of the change in routine that it offered, but dreaded it the same because socialising over a 500-pax dinner is really just not my thing. 

But, it surprisingly turned out to be alot more fun than I thought it would be! 

To avoid any sort of drama, I decided that it was best to get ready in the office after my meeting rather than at home. So, my colleagues and I had so much fun trying out our clothes and comparing whether this tudung or that tudung would match better. And thank god for them, I managed to borrow a dinner bag at the 11th hour. Haha. Talk about being unprepared for anything! And thanks to them, I also found the courage to apply some bright red lipstick to match the theme! Haha. 

Then during the dinner itself, I had so much good company! Initially I was placed at another table but it was empty upon arrival. I wasn't even ready to go to the dinner... so I definitely wasn't about to sit there alone... so... ermm, I kind of crashed at my friend's table when they told me that there were 4 empty seats. Best. Decision. Everrr. HAHAHAH. 

The rest of the night in good company was spent enjoying good food, and aiming for the lucky draw prizes (one of it a flat screen TV, can you believe it!). Wasn't so lucky this time... and I was genuinely upset when my number wasn't called especially for the flat screen TV hahahha. 

But all in all, it was still a fun night to remember. 

It gave me a reminder that it was good having something to look forward to (although I initially had my own reservations) and that I sometimes need that kind of break. Sure my kids missed me -- Ayesha wasn't even sure how to feel when she saw me arriving at home so she gave me like a nervous cry laugh medley which was both cute and heartbreaking and Luqman obviously couldn't sleep until after I arrived home, which was like about past 11 p.m., which is wayyy past our bedtime but they were okay. Just okay. 

So, yeah. I will continue to agree to things which give me something to look forward to. 

After all, a happy mommy is a better one, don't you think ;)


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